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Hahndorf Band Festival 2011 to host the SABA Band Championships

Hahndorf’s 2011 Band Festival is set to host this year’s South Australian Band Association Band Championships on Saturday 13th August.

The venue will be at the facilities of St Michael’s Worship Centre and School located on Balhannah Road, which will be closed for part of the event to facilitate the street march component of the festival.

The Hahndorf Town Band looks forward to another great day of banding in its town, and is encouraging not just bands people to attend, but will seek interest and attendance from its wider local community!

All enquiries should be directed to our secretary on 0410881742. Watch this space as more details come to hand!

Hahndorf Band Festival 2010 held on Saturday 8th May

A great day of banding was enjoyed by all participants! Final adjudicator scores from Peter Doherty for the day were:

           Street March        Entertainment

Mitcham:        47                      89

Hahndorf:       42                      85

Enfield            45                      96

Campbelltown  44                      83

K&N Youth       41                      91

Best Drum Major award winner on the day went to Peter McIntyre of Mitcham City Band

More information and pictures from the day will be posted soon!

Hahndorf Band Festival 2009 held on Saturday 9th May

The 2009 Hahndorf Band Festival may have been a little short on bands, but what it lacked in numbers it made up for in music. The Hahndorf Town band again hosted the event, and was joined by the Mitcham City Band for the traditional march contest through the Main Street of Hahndorf. The visitors narrowly pipped the Hahndorf Band for the title of best band on the march.

Band Festival 2009 Photo 01

Both bands competed in the afternoon on-stage entertainment contest, with Mitcham again taking top honours. The afternoon presentation featured the amazing sound of a combined 50-plus piece brass band performance of ‘Invercargill’, ‘Ice Castle’ and the popular ‘Breez’n Down Broadway’, which was enthusiastically directed impromptu by SA Band Assoiciation president, Dr Kevin Cameron.

Final adjudicator scores from Jim Dempsey for the day were:

      Street March        Entertainment

Mitcham:       44                      89

Hahndorf:      43                      88

Band Festival 2009 Photo 02


Hahndorf Band Festival 2008 held on Saturday 10th May

download 10-05-08 145

This year’s festival was another great event with beautiful autumn weather complimenting the five (5) band turn out including Salisbury City Band, K&N Sring Gully Brass, Enfield Brass, Mitcham City Band and of course the host band for the day, Hahndorf Town Band.

download 10-05-08 108   download 10-05-08 113                  

download 10-05-08 119  download 10-05-08 126  

The street march event was won by K&N Spring Gully Brass, with a $250 cash prize and trophy donated by the District Council of Mt Barker, who supported the event in conjunction with the South Australian Band Association. Salisbury City Band were placed second and Hahndorf Band third. The Hahndorf Town Band donated the Best Drum Major prize which this year was awarded to the Mitcham City Band.

The afternoon’s Entertainment Contest delighted an enthusiastic audience, and performances by all bands made it difficult for adjudicator David Gardiner to select a winner while applying the contest’s handicap system for graded bands. The final results were therefore as follows:

    K & N Spring Gully Brass-  Music 78, Entertainment 16, Handicap 0,   Total 94
    Mitcham City Band-      Music 62, Entertainment 16, Handicap 15,  Total 93
    Hahndorf Town Band-     Music 56, Entertainment 15, Handicap 15,  Total 86
    Salisbury City Band-      Music 60, Entertainment 17, Handicap 8,   Total 85
    Enfield Brass-           Music 58, Entertainment 12, Handicap 15,  Total 85

As the winner again of the entertainment section of the contest, K&N took home a $150 Cash prize kindly donated by Keith’s Car Care of Mount Barker, and a $150 meal voucher kindly donated by German Arms Hotel, Hahndorf.

The South Australian Band Association this year introduced perpetual shields to acknowledge winners in both the Street march and Entertainment contest, naming them the “Faehrmann” and “Kuchel” Shields in honour of the contribution of various members of these two families to the Hahndorf Town Band over the last eighty (80) years.

This years festival again concluded with the band’s annual Musikfest which featured the Hahndorf Town Band and a variety of guest artists in an extravaganza of musical entertainment.


Hahndorf Band Festival 2007 held on Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th May

This band festival was again a success, and organizers are confident the event can make its mark as a regular feature of the cultural calendar in the historic Adelaide Hills town.

Commencing with the march in the Main Street Hahndorf, there was a great atmosphere with the colour and sound of the marching bands bringing the town alive among the locals, tourists and all of the bands supporters. The participating bands were Enfield Brass, K&N Spring Gully Brass, Mitcham City and of course the Adelaide Hills own Hahndorf Town Band.

Bands and supporters converged on the Hahndorf Institute at 1.00pm for the Entertainment contest. Master of Ceremonies for the day was Dr Kevin Cameron, Musical Director for the Hahndorf Town Band. Audiences were thrilled to four different entertainment programs from each band, and to which adjudicator Mr Kerry Hewitt was challenged to pick a winner under the contest’s handicap system. Enfield Brass was chosen as the winners with the Hahndorf Band placed as runner-up.

Final Adjudicator Scores for the day were:

BAND                 MARCH                ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM

Enfield Brass                    38                              100 (1st Place)

Hahndorf Town Band       34                               99

Mitcham City Band          40                               95

K & N Spring Gully Brass  (1st Place)                 94

Later on Saturday evening the Hahndorf Town Band presented its annual Musikfest to a very appreciative audience. Supporting the Band were local singing trio, the Raymond Sisters, Mud Drummers and Pembroke Jazz. The program also featured the presentation of awards to Band members, including Badges of Merit to Andrew Edgeworth and David Kramm, and Life Membership of the SA Band Association to Greg Francis.


As a new initiative, the Band represented its Musikfest program to a Sunday afternoon audience, which included the drawing of the Band Festival lottery as a fitting finale to the weekend’s festivities. 


Hahndorf 80th Anniversary Contest 2006 held on 6th May

With all the marching, entertainment and camaraderie, the Hahndorf Town Band's 80th Anniversary Contest was acclaimed a success, and is surely to spawn future events in the historic Adelaide Hills town.

2006 5th May Hahndorf Street March Contest 01


Marching Contest

The Hahndorf 80th Anniversary contest commenced with the street march in Main Street, Hahndorf.

What a terrific atmosphere! Imagine Autumn leaves swirling around the street, chilly winds and a spot or two of rain - just perfect for a quick march up and down Main Street, Hahndorf - not!

Actually, it was a great atmosphere. Windswept it may have been, but the rain stayed away for the outdoor activities. Despite the chilly conditions, the historic German township was alive with locals, tourists and all of the bandspeople and their families and supporters. Coffee shops were abuzz and tourist shops were conducting a bustling trade.

The Street March commenced at 10.30am with four bands.

K&N Brass kicked off with the stirring Emblem of the Army. Those mouthpieces would have been a bit on the grippy side this morning, however K&N played with enthusiasm and style. The Drum Major for K&N Brass was Phil Kilford.

Next up was Enfield Brass, with Drum Major Bob Smith. Enfield played Eagle Squadron.

Bob Smith lead Enfield Brass against the backdrop of a gloomy sky.

Salisbury City Band and their Drum Major, Adrienne Meikle, hit the bitumen next with a toe-tapping rendition of Cross of Honour (William Rimmer).

To round out the field, hosts Hahndorf Town Band played Wairoa. According to Musical Director, Dr Kevin Cameron, this march was a particular favourite in the past with Hahndorf. Al Kidney was the Drum Major for Hahndorf. Looking resplendent in his Hanhndorf uniform of years gone by, Al was named the Best Drum Major for this contest.

In a fitting finale to the Street March, the four brass bands - joined by Unley Concert Band - combined in a massed band of nearly 100 musicians playing the classic Invercargill. The locals and toursists considered this a real treat and were enthusiastic in their applause for the band which literally filled the street.



As gracious hosts for the day's event, the Hahndorf Town Band put on a BBQ lunch at the bandroom. Many stories were shared between bandspeople from throughout Adelaide. It was a welcome break out of the wind with steaks, sausages, onions, salads, bread, coffee - just the lunchtime answer.

Entertainment Contest

Bands and supporters converged on the Hahndorf Institute at 1.00pm for the 80th Anniversary Entertainment contest. This event had been held in the past, but the occasion of the band's anniversary was impetus to rekindle the tradition and celebrate what our bands do best - entertain.

Master of Ceremonies for the day was Dr Kevin Cameron, Musical Director the Hahndorf Town Band and Unley Concert Band, and Director of Music at the prestigious Adelaide school, Pembroke.

In commencing proceedings, Kevin paid tribute to a very special guest - Trevor Kramm. Trevor is the only living Life Member of the Hahndorf Town Band and a long-serving Drum Major.

The contest commenced with the Unley Concert Band, under the direction of Dr Kevin Cameron. This band is the current SA State A Grade Champion Concert Band.

Unley's program including a wide variety of numbers, including Gershwin's Strike Up The Band, A Tribute to Duke Ellington and A Walk in the Black Forest (because of the German heritage and all that). A solo by Emma Stephenson (on alto sax) was a feature of the band's presentation. Unley rounded out their program with EE Bagley's National Emblem and Alexander's Ragtime Band, featuring the trumpet section. Unley was a tight ensemble, with sensitive percussion and generally very good balance. Low brass was ocassionally untuneful and the softer passages could have been a little softer, but overall the band played with style, expressiveness and the program was highly entertaining and well received by the audience.

Next up was Salisbury City Band with conductor Geoff Meikle, fresh from his holiday...er, school band trip...to China. As always, Salisbury presents a program that has variety, energy and enthusiasm. There is always a bit of something for everyone in a Salisbury program, and this day was no disappointment. The band was tight and the percussion, in particular, was a highlight with driving rhythm from the kit and colourful use of tuned and auxiliary percussion. Salisbury began with The Armenian Firedance (arr Goff Richards) and then featured flugelhorn soloist Rosalie Keen playing Joe Cook's Body and Soul. Tasty playing and sensitive band accompaniment, although a little heavy in spots. It was fitting that Rosalie was featured today, as she began her banding career with the Hahndorf Town Band. An energetic and entertaining rendition of Gershwin's I Got Rhythm (arr Fernie) was followed by the band's vocalist Nicole Hopkins singing Moondance (Van Morrison, arr Ed Wilson). Josh Verco featured with some tasty trombone solo work. The band really captured the style, and Nicole was again in top form. Nicole then sang River Deep, Mountain High, arranged by Phil Larkin. Despite the throw away line of being A Grade "wannabees", Salisbury grows in musical stature every year, and should be rightly proud of their level of achievement. With a healthy mix of youth and experience, Salisbury has a big future and could soon be asking the MAB that question.

Bruce Raymond and K&N Brass then took the stage for their set, and presented a varied program that really highlighted the band's strengths. Principal Cornet, Kevin Joughin, had the audience spellbound with his posthorn playing of The Chase. This really flew, and the band was on the edge of their seats throughout! Next up was Penny Lane, which included some terrific solo work from Peter Doherty on trombone and that diabolical piccolo trumpet solo played by Danny Dielkens on soprano. A surprise package, Lesley Deanshaw - known widely for her tenor horn playing - took to the microphone, and gave a highly entertaining vocal rendition of Better With a Band (complete with lyrics specifically tailored to the K&N band).

What can be said about the class of Bob Johnson on bass trombone? Bob is known and respected by many in the band movement. He oozes style, class and professionalism. You'll never listen to Minnie the Moocher in the same way. Peter Graham's Cossack Wedding Dance was next on K&N's program, and this was energetic and very, very quick! Paul Beames treated us to the Roy Newsome favourite Bass in the Ballroom, complete with obligatory show-off pedals and multiphonics! K&N finished their set with the Maynard Ferguson arrangment of Gonna Fly Now (transcribed by Colin Lord). A terrific conclusion to an entertaining and enjoyable program.

Enfield Brass was conducted on the day by Alison Smith, a young and talented musician who has learned a great deal from her opportunties in front of the band. Well-honed stick technique and good control were in evidence throughout Enfied's concert program. The band commenced with Shout. This had heaps of energy and excellent dynamic contrast. Kate Denman (flugel) then featured with I Don't Know How to Love Him, from Jesus Christ Superstar, then the band presented a rousing rendition of the concert March, Mississauga Spirit (Ty Watson). Enfield featured Matthew Magin on baritone, with the lovely arrangement of I Can't Take My Eyes Off You. To round out their concert , Enfield had toes tapping with Swingin' Kilts - a swing version of Scotland the Brave.

Host band, Handorf, then took to the stage as the final band for the day. Under Musical Director Dr Kevin Cameron, Hahndorf presented a program that was a virtual tribute to the highlights of the band over a long period. Commencing with an abbreviated version of The True Hussar, this was a stirring opening to their set. Following up with Seventy-Six Trombones, the band then featured Emma Stephenson (who performed on alto sax earlier) as vocal soloist. The adagio from Spartacus was next and then Andrew Edgeworth (flugel) presented a de ja vous performance of I Don't Know How to Love Him. In traditional style, Hahndorf concluded their program with Can Can from Orpheus in The Underworld.


Adjudicator, Bill Broughton, in his comments said that he had fun on the day. Adjudication was different, in that a handicap system was used. Bill thought this was a good method. He was particularly wanting to experience some real emotion from the performances. He wanted to giggle, laugh, cry and generally feel the power of the music in the gut and soul. One band made him giggle a couple of times. Bill also said that he took into account the audience appreciation and enjoyment.


The results of the contest were as follows:

Music (80), Entertainment (20), Handicap (0, 10 or 20) = Total

1st K&N Brass 79, 20, 0 = 99
2nd Unley Concert Band 70, 18, 10 = 98
3rd Hahndorf Town Band 60, 17, 20 = 97
4th Salisbury City Band 66, 16, 10 = 92
4th Enfield Brass 56, 15, 20 = 91

The Best Band award - $500 voucher from Silver Keys & Strings Music Centre - was won by K&N Brass
The Best Band in Street March award - $100 cheque from 4BR Downunder - was also won by K&N Brass
The Best Drum Major award - commemorative plate donated by R& M Williams - was won by Al Kidney of Hahndorf Town Band

Congratulations to the Hahndorf Town Band and, in particular, Dr Kevin Cameron, for the outstanding day of music, entertainment and camaraderie. So often we become engrossed in our own bands without celebrating our movement. The Hahndorf 80th Anniversary contest brought together over 100 musicians from throughout Adelaide and surrounds to enjoy our passion and our hobby.