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“Fostering Live Community Music”

Christmas 2010 a busy season of Parades for the Band!

The band completed a very busy Christmas season for 2010, performing in parades and events that included:

  • Stirling Christmas Pageant
  • Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Adelaide
  • Norwood Christmas Pageant
  • St Nicholas Comes to Hahndorf
  • Mount Barker Christmas Pageant
  • Hahndorf Community Christmas Carols
  • Mount Pleasant Christmas Pageant and Street Party
  • Kanmantoo Carols
  • Saturday morning ‘Street Carolling’ in Hahndorf
  • Victor Harbor Christmas Pageant
  • ‘Lights of Lobethal’ Christmas Pageant

The Band’s Christmas season now commences as early as the first week in November and concludes right up to two days before Christmas Day!

Band Members visit Belgium War Grave

On Saturday July 3rd 2010 at about 2.45p.m. at Veurne in Belgium, band members Brendan and Bronwyn Kenny together with their daughter Megan and son Gerard, visited the grave site of former band member James McFadyen, together with local Veurne historian and Police Superintendent Jose Clauw, as well as the Veurne Mayor. 

JimmyThis visit followed the discovery by Jose on the band’s website of the band’s commemoration of this fallen serviceman at recent ANZAC day celebrations.

The Australian Flag welcomed the commemorating party to the cemetery which is located adjacent to the Veurne Fire Service building.  In a corner of the cemetery where other WW2 veterans also lay was the headstone of Pilot Officer J.J.A. McFadyen, Royal Australian Air Force, 8th December 1944.  With an inscription, "His duty nobly done".  An Australian Air Force ensign was proudly draped above his headstone.

On behalf of the Hahndorf Town Band, the Kenny's presented Jose Clauw with a brass plaque which will commemorate his service for his country and his association with the Hahndorf Town Band, as a percussion player, prior to his deployment with the RAAF and tragic death.

2010 Band Festival was held on Saturday 8th May!

More information to come-refer ‘Band Festival’ page!

Band’s War Heroe’s grave found!

James McFafyen.Belgium Gravestone1A local historian from a village in Belgium has contacted the Band to report that the grave of our past member James McFadyen has been located. (refer earlier news item re band War Heroes) This location has been unknown to the family, and so the Band is delighted that the information posted on this website has led to the discovery. It is hoped that representatives from the Band will travel to Belgium in mid 2010 to visit the grave. A copy of the James McFadyen commemorative plaque currently hanging in the bandroom has been mounted at the site.



Heat Challenges the Band at the Credit Union Pageant

It was always going to be a test for the band and all the participants of the 2009 Credit Union Pageant in Adelaide’s city streets, with forecasters tipping 43 degrees C for the Saturday 14th November 2009 event. .......and 43 degrees it was!

The band were thankful to Josiah and Jonathan Clayton from the Hahndorf Youth Band, for travelling along side the band during the fell length of the parade with mobile ice trolleys and water bottles! Their efforts saved the day!

2009 Credit Union Pageant   

The Band were grateful for the occasional water spray during the event as the above picture shows!

First Competition for Band’s new Conductor

The Hahndorf Town Band attended its first competition on Saturday 29th August 2009 with newly appointed conductor Philip Paine. While the Band did not gain a placing at this year’s event, Philip told the band he was very pleased with the performance, and was looking forward to further developments in the band’s musicality!

2009 SA Band Competition 29 August at Scotch College 01   2009 SA Band Competition at Scotch College 29 August 02

The band were first to play on the day in the Scotch College Chapel, which was a first time venue for the SA Band Competitions.

Funds help acknowledge Band War Heroes

The memory of two previous band members who died in World War II has been bolstered by a government grant. The funding aims to support groups or individuals to express, celebrate, promote and maintain the Anzac spirit.

The Hahndorf Town Band was awarded $1000 for their efforts to commemorate former band members and WW II servicemen, Able Seaman Frederick Walter Cecil Balleine and Pilot Officer James Joseph Alexander McFadyen, through obituaries and plaques.

Band president Greg Francis said it was discovered during research for the band history that past members had fought in WW II and died in the conflict. "Their memories had never been acknowledged in any way," he said. "We wanted to piece together their history and create a commemorative plaque for each of these guys and we unveiled them on Anzac Day 2009." Both men commemorated by the plaque died in the line of duty.

Able Seaman Balleine, who was the band's side drummer for several years from 1933, died while serving on a ship on the Mediterranean Sea after it was struck by a torpedo on November 27, 1941.

Pilot officer McFadyen, also a side drummer, joined the band in 1939 and played with them for two years before being-enlisted. He was a spitfire pilot and his plane was shot as he returned home from his final mission on December 8, 1944. Although he tried to land safely he never made it home, and his remains were reported to have been found in Belgium.

Mr Francis said the special way of remembering the men was important for the band and the town. "They were local men and there are people here who know the family," he said. "Also we have a lot to do with Anzac Day each year, with members playing in various local remembrance services and also this year the local football match."

The plaques were unveiled on Anzac Day this year with past band member and WW II serviceman George Schneemilch of Hahndorf doing the honors.

Anzac Plaques   

Former Hahndorf Town Band member and WW II serviceman George Schneemilch, left, and band president Greg Francis proudly display the plaques which remember two past members who died at war.

Hahndorf Youth Band Alive in the Park!

As part of the 2008 “Parks Alive Festival” on October 26th, the Hahndorf Youth Band performed in Hahndorf’s glorious Alec Johnston Park, much to the delight of passers by! The children were pleased to be under the charge of Nadia Sayer, who very capably directed the afternoon’s performance.

Youth Band in Park October 2008.01Youth Band in Park October 2008.02
Youth Band in Park Occtober 2008.03
Band Members Promote “Parks Alive”

Hahndorf Band members Sonia Radford (left of Photo) and Bronwyn Kenny (Right of Photo) are shown here promoting the “Parks Alive Festival” held on Sunday 26th OctoParks Alive Promotion.26.10.08ber 2008. Run by Creative Communities Network SA, this statewide festival aims to promote neighbourhood interaction at parks and reserves across many Council areas, and includes sports games, park parties and entertainment provided by dance groups and of course bands, with our Youth Band being no exception!

Band Performs at Liedertafel Concert

A delighted Saturday afternoon audience were treated to a half hour program of music which included Invercargill, Unchained Melody, The Lincolnshire Poacher, Spartacus and Walkabout. The band were engaged as a support act to a combined concert by the Hahndorf Liedertafel and the Tanunda Liedertafel, held in the Hahndorf Institute Hall on September 21st 2008.

Passing of Previous Band Member

Long time band members were saddened to hear of the sudden loss of previous member and treasurer Jerry Grootenboer, who died suddenly at age 78 on Saturday September 13th 2008. Jerry is remembered for his jovial personality, his enthusiasm for the Hahndorf band and his dedication to continual improvement in his trombone playing. After moving residence to the south coast some years ago, Jerry had left the Hahndorf Town Band, but was a current playing member of Goolwa Band. Condolences are extended to wife Doris and family.

Bus Trip to Gawler

On Sunday 31st August, Band players enjoyed a bus trip to play at the 2008 Gawler Show, after organizers once again invited the Band to perform at South Australia’s largest two day show event.

Gawler Show 01 31.08.08 

 Gawler show 02 31.08.08

Gawler show 03 31.08.08

Hahndorf Wins Hymn Contest

At the South Australian Band Association’s Band Championship contest held at Elder Hall on 16th August 2008, Hahndorf Town Band again found success against three other bands, in winning the    C-grade Hymn Contest against three other bands. Hahndorf chose the favourite “I Know Thou Art Mine” (Ballantyne) to impress the judges. The Band’s total aggregate score for the Own Choice Test, Entertainment Piece and Hymn was only two points behind the overall section winner “Enfield Brass”. Guest conductor Sarah Bradley was delighted that on her last official engagement with the band, it should perform so well.

Festival Fever for 2008

After the Hahndorf Town Band’s own Festival in May 2008, guest conductor Sarah Bradley led the Band’s participation in two of the districts other band festivals, namely the Adelaide Hills Band Festival held on July 29th at Lobethal, and the Strathalbyn Band Festival held over two weekends on the 3rd and 10th August. At both festivals, the band presented an entertaining segment of dance music from around the world!

Hahndorf Band Festival 2008

The Hahndorf Town Band, in collaboration with the South Australian Band Association (SABA), again hosted its Hahndorf Band Festival on Saturday the 10th May 2008. Historically, Hahndorf was once well known for hosting band contests. The modern event, now in its third year, is the major ‘entertainment’ contest for brass bands on the SABA calendar.

The Hahndorf Contest is a wonderful day on the banding calendar in South Australia. The event brings together the wonderful talents of our movement’s band members, soloists, and conductors for what is always a most memorable and enjoyable presentation- characterised by fun, fellowship, and friendliness, said SABA President Kevin Cameron.

Banding Community Mourns Loss of Clarrie Size

Former Hahndorf Town Band member for forty (40) years and Musical Director of the Hahndorf Junior Band for ten (10) years, Clarence (Clarrie) Size, died on 28th April 2008 aged 71 years after a long battle with cancer.

Clarrie Size Photo

After Clarrie’s long association with the Hahndorf Band, he then went on to establish what is now known as the Adelaide Hills Concert Band. Clarrie, initially with his brother Robert (Bob) Size, and in later years with his sons Tim and Andrew, was well known in the banding community for his musical instrument repair business, ‘Size Music’.

Members of the Hahndorf Town Band extend their condolences to Clarrie’s family.

Band receives ANZAC Day Accolades

Hahndorf Town Band received welcome feedback recently after marching in the 2008 traditional ANZAC Day parade in Adelaide. After making a few phone calls, a war veteran who was marching near the Band sought us out specifically after the day, to pass on his enjoyment at our music choice and quality of playing. After participating in many marches, the caller “had never been so impressed” he said, and enquired after the name of the march and composer. The march selected was the classic ‘Slaidburn’ by William Rimmer!

Callington Primary School asks Band to Entertain at Centenary Celebrations

On Saturday the 5th April 2008, the Band enjoyed an afternoon of fine weather entertaining students past and present at the Callington Primary School. This was the last scheduled performance with guest conductor Brent Parry, and the Band used the occasion to thank him for maintaining rehearsals during the Band’s Musical Director vacancy, and wish him well for the future.

Band Performs at Mt Barker Show

The Band were delighted to once again perform at the Mount Barker Agricultural Show Society’s annual two day event. Appearing on the main stage on Saturday, 29th March 2008, the Band provided a selection of popular numbers over two sets to keep the crowd entertained. Under the direction of guest conductor Brent Parry, the band premiered his very own new arrangement of ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’.

Mt Barker Show No.01 April 09

Mt Barker Show No.2 April 08

Annual General Meeting 2008

At the band’s recent February AGM, members votes resulted in a change to our positions of Secretary and Musical Director. Thanks are extended to Donna Williams who continues in the role of Assistant Secretary, and also to Hal Hall, who despite only a relatively short period as Musical Director, contributed passionately to improving the musicianship of the players.

Awards Night 2007

Hahndorf Town Band again hosted its annual Awards Night on Monday 10th December 2007, following a Christmas Concert presented by the Youth Band to delighted residents of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf.

Ellen Clayton from the Youth Band won the memorial ‘Anthony Havreluck’ Encouragement Trophy, and Laurel Milner was awarded the 2007 Band person of the Year. President Greg Francis particularly acknowledged Laurel’s contribution as the Band’s Property Officer, and her positive attitude and willingness to always assist and help the team whenever she was able!

Members young and old enjoyed the social evening to mark the end of another busy year for the Hahndorf Town Band

Ellen Clayton wins Encouragement Award 

Laurel Milner wins Bandperson of the Year

Retired Band member turns 90 Years Old!

Retired Band member Leonard (Lenny) Schneemilch celebrated his 90th birthday at the Hahndorf Band Hall on Sunday 28th October 2007, enjoying a pleasant afternoon with family and friends. Lenny joined the Band on the 15th November 1934 at the age of 17, and has been a stalwart of the Band even since his retirement in the 1980’s, having travelled with the Band to the Ballarat Band Competitions in 2004, and actively participating in the Band’s 80th Anniversary celebrations in 2006.

Len Schneemilch's 90th

The Band Hall served as a fitting venue for the celebration, as various photos and displays reminded attendees of Len’s dedication to the Band over many, many years.

The current members thank Len for his part in the Hahndorf Banding legacy we now enjoy, and extend their congratulations on achieving this milestone, and best wishes for the future.

Youth Band Performs at Anniversary Celebrations

Junior members of the Hahndorf Town Band delighted an appreciative audience on the Sunday afternoon of October 14th 2007, as the Hahndorf Institute celebrated the 50th anniversary of its main hall construction. With solos performed by young Patrick Eustace and Paul Brand, the band filled the Institute hall with renditions of "The Spook", "Royal Fireworks", "Boogie Blues" and "Royal Crown March". Members of the audience were thrilled by the youngster’s performance. Well done to the Hahndorf Youth Band and all the junior performers.

Band Features at Inaugural 2007 ‘Oktoberfest’

2007 Oktoberfest 03

The Hahndorf Town Band provided the feature entertainment over each of the 3 days of the inaugural ‘Oktoberfest’, which was organised in conjunction with the German Arms Hotel. Presenting a program of ever popular German oompah music on each of the days of this October long weekend provided a very significant challenge to the band, and served as a testimony of player dedication and loyalty. Many thanks must go to the players, supporters and friends who helped make this possible.

2007 Oktoberfest 04

2007 Oktoberfest 02

 Organizers were delighted with the initial response to the event, which is sure to become a regular feature of the community calendar.

2007 Oktoberfest 07

On Show at Gawler Show

Hahndorf Town Band travelled for the first time to the Gawler Show on Saturday 1st September 2007, to add to the entertainment of the thousands in attendance. Playing to a passing crowd and under the direction of new conductor Hal Hall, the band drew many onlookers to a standstill as lots of the old favourite tunes were heard, including the ‘Birdie Dance’ which was choreographed by our own Mary Westley and Donna Williams. Attending the show was a first for many of the Hahndorf players, and we trust it will not be the last.

Nonsense and Mayhem at the Strathalbyn Band Festival

Hahndorf Town Band joined many other bands at the Strathalbyn Band Festival held on Sunday 5th August 2007 to entertain a large and enthusiastic audience.

2007 5th August Strathalbyn Band Festival 01

2007 5th August Strathalbyn Band Festival 02

Hahndorf Town Band appears on Channel 7 Sunrise Show.

Hahndorf Town Band appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise Show at 6.00 am - 6.30 am on Wednesday 18 July.

The Band broadcasted live from the German Arms Hotel. Here are some scene’s from the Sunrise Show.

 Sunrise_4a Sunrise_1a

 Sunrise_5a Sunrise_7a


Hahndorf Town Band extends best wishes to departing conductor.

At his last rehearsal with the Hahndorf Town Band in June 2007, departing Musical Director Dr Kevin Cameron was treated to a surprise farewell that celebrated nearly six years of an association that has established some of the most memorable milestones in the Band’s 80 year history.

President Greg Francis reminded band members of several of the Band’s achievements during “Kevin’s reign” including the move from ‘D” to ‘C’ grade where the Band has consistently and competitively contested, including the 2005 National Band Championships in Adelaide, the 2004 and 2005 Victorian State Band Contests at Ballarat and South Australia’s own State Band contests over the last six years. Under Kevin’s direction the Band has significantly enhanced its musical reputation within the local community, and extended its exposure to many other regional areas within the state.

Dr Kevin Cameron

Kevin was praised for his initiatives in establishing significant developments to the Band’s youth training program, and the launching in the Band’s 80th Anniversary year of the inaugural Hahndorf Band Festival, which the Band trusts will continue into its third year next year, as a regular event on the brass banding calendar.

The Band’s appreciation of Kevin’s efforts over the years was also formally acknowledged in 2006 with his award of the Badge of Merit from the South Australian Band Association. The SA Band of the Year Award for 2005 and 2006 was in no small way also due to Kevin’s efforts during this time with the Band.

Kevin leaves the Band with the best wishes of all members, particularly in regard to his increased family commitments with the recent birth of his twin children.

Band Members Honoured with Prestigious Awards

At the 2007 Annual ‘Musikfest’ held in May, several members of the Hahndorf Town Band were honoured with Awards for their contribution to brass banding. Players Andrew Edgeworth and David Kramm were each bestowed with the South Australian Band Association’s (SABA) ‘Badge of Merit’, and Band President Greg Francis was awarded Lifetime Membership of the South Australian Band Association, after 40 years of service to the Band. The Band extends congratulations and appreciation to these recipients.

Lakeside at Meningie

The Band remembers well its performance at Meningie in December 2005, which included leading the Christmas Parade down the main street to the local oval, where an entertainment program was provided. May we also remember well the water level in the lake, shown clearly in the photo below!

Meningie December 2005